Rhythm, poptimism and vitality

We devise, produce and execute strategies, narratives and experiences for people, brands and products that want to connect in the life of poly-platforms.

We are a multiplatform agency remix, transmedia producer and startup builder.

Our purpose is to make communication intelligent, sensitive and entertaining in the 21st century. 

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"The future is ours due to work arrogance" says Roberto Arlt in Los Lanzallamas. This is how our enthusiasm is born.

We like to be present and future. Always collaborative and fluid at the intersection between culture, creativity and technologies. We are agnostic in the platforms and formats to promote. We are committed to utility and emotion in our value proposition.

We are independent, digital mindset entrepreneurs with enthusiasm for thinking, creating and producing communications and experiences for people immersed in hypermodernity. We offer closeness, talent, speed, flexibility and trust in and with each other.


Comfortable with you

Digital Campaign
The pandemic had an impact on a category that had already been experiencing changes, a slowdown in consumption and changes in daily routines.
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Under Armour

New Player, New Game

Digital Campaign
At the beginning of 2018 Under Armor needed a strong message to land in Argentina. A manifesto that was aligned with the global Brand Voice but that had a powerful anchorage in the way Argentines feel about sport.
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Delivery Power

Social media & Digital Content
A nomadic flashmob that opted for Brand Content and blew up the networks and the city of Buenos Aires.
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Get strong

Digital Campaign
Tribute to the women who generate positive changes based on their strength. This attribute, added to flexibility, resistance and innovation, has been part of the essence of Levi's since its founding in 1853.
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Overcoming generation

Integrated campaign
We unite Nesquik's need to create a healthier product with the demands raised by children regarding environmental, social and, of course, nutritional problems.
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Under Armour

Infinite Race

For the launch of HOVR Infinite, we brought several runners together at the Mary Tehran Stadium to run at the speed of 125 BPM's in a blind race.
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Rich Media Studio

FlamaGO is our top tier interactive production studio specialized in cross platform digital experiences. With an end-to-end in-house service, we create, design, develop and test innovative multiscreen creative ideas that range from social ads to high-impact and rich media creatives. Our team is multicultural and operates globally. We have offices in New York and Buenos Aires.


Digital content Powerhouse

FlamaMOSH is our long, mid & short form content for digital platforms. Production and delivery always on are the pillars of the service. Live, Editorial, Social and Brand Content are some of the scenarios.

Our team is multicultural and operates globally for regional brands and media.


Sound Design Lab

FlamaBEAT is our audio branding laboratory to bring identity to the language of sounds: audiologos, jingles, radio and television spots, incidental music for the UX ecosystem and the different instances of direct and indirect experiences between a brand and its users.

Everything has a sound, we just have to know how to listen to it.


Startup Studio & Venture Builder

It is our proposal for the creation of new tech products. We combine business vision and technological disruption with the transformative power of communication. We are an entrepreneurial team doing what we know best: thinking, creating and developing new products and companies with a global impact.  

Let's be a vortex of something different.

Let's make fire togetherLet's make fire together