Desire, fire and knowledge.

We are an independent creative organization of digital mindset.

We are an independent creative organization of digital mindset. 

We were born in the convergence era and that is why we act as a dynamic remix of a multiplatform agency, transmedia producer and start-up builder. Our purpose is to make communication intelligent, sensitive and entertaining in the 21st century.

Always collaborative and fluid at the intersection between culture, creativity and technology, we are committed to utility and emotion in our value proposition. We offer empathy, talent, speed, flexibility and confidence.

We like to be present and future. We navigate hypermodernity and the fragmentation of attention of segmented audiences. We like to be multidisciplinary and liquid in our way and act. We are delivery agnostic according to platforms, technologies and formats to promote.

Over time we built a startup mentality. Understanding that life is always in motion made us adaptable and optimistic.

We convey enthusiasm because as Roberto Arlt says in Los Lanzallamas, “The future is ours, due to arrogance of work”. We want to be vortices of something different. We want to do it with you. Do you want?


Our Flaming, Rising Sun believers

Let's be a vortex of something different.

Let's make fire togetherLet's make fire together