Under Armour

New Player, New Game

Noviembre 2019
Digital Campaign
At the beginning of 2018 Under Armor needed a strong message to land in Argentina. A manifesto that was aligned with the global Brand Voice but that had a powerful anchorage in the way Argentines feel about sport.

How we did it?

We selected those athletes who had amazing results in youth competitions but were not yet in the heart of the local press and we made them interact with true heroes of our sport, like Lucha Aymar. Soon these athletes began to stand out. It is enough to name Delfina Pignatiello to understand the dimension of the
epic of some of these assets.

The message, far from offering a simplistic view of the effort,
embassed from the first sentence with a It will not be easy, to close with a declaration of principles: We do not change the rules. We play another game.