Comfortable with you

The pandemic had an impact on a category that had already been experiencing changes, a slowdown in consumption and changes in daily routines.

Carefree then needed to:
Return to relevance, educate on product technology, demonstrate brand superiority.

How did we do it?

Celebrating individuality, the body and the naturalization of flows. This is how we developed a new brand purpose to connect with our consumers: “Comfortable with you”. The objective: highlight the commitment to provide comfort.

Together with Leticia Sciliani and a squad of daily protectors -a psychologist, a sexologist and a psychologist- we invite consumers to leave their doubts and queries about intimate hygiene care to reinforce education in the category and answer all their questions. concerns on the platforms they feel most comfortable on.

Carefree continues to promote intimate care in a responsible way so that you feel comfortable with yourself..